Registered purebred and percentage Kiko Goats raised for hardiness, meat and pack goat prospects
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About Pack Goats

This is by far our favorite part of our operation - breeding goats who will be future pack goats and trail companions!

We were goat breeders quietly going on about our business until the packing community found us and reeled us in. Kikos are still very experimental in the packing world, and we are game to be part of the experiment. It started with the sale of a few prospects, and then came the pictures of their adventures, and then packing envy...and now, we have divided the breeding program to select for packing traits, brought in new animals specifically to grow the packing program...and not to be left out, we are beginning to train our very own for the trail! 

Packing with goats may seem like a new trend, but it has been going on for thousands of years.
While the dog was the first domesticated animal,  goats weren't far behind - and well ahead of cats
or horses!  Goats are intelligent, friendly and agile, can go places that horses and mules can't,
and require little to manage them on a trail and at home.

Watch Pack Goats in Action!

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More important than breed in selecting a pack goat prospect, is temperament and conformation. 
If you are new to packing and uncertain
about what to look for
click here for a helpful article:
  What Is a Good Pack Goat?

We will accept deposits of $100 per prospect.  Full price on a wethered, weaned prospect is $250.
You must be a member in good standing of the North American Pack Goat Association when your deposit is made, as well as when you pick up your prospect.

You may specify a crossbred preference, or purebred preference and if there are not enough
picks to accomodate, your deposit is refundable.

If you desire a bottle baby, you must be available the first weekend after kidding to pick up your kid.  
Very few kids will be offered as bottle babies. Bottle babies cannot be evaluated at this age,
and cannot be guaranteed for temperament or development.

Kids reserved as weanlings are  socialized early with adults, children and other animals - dogs, cats, horses, llamas and poultry.   They learn very important goat skills, manners, and we can see how they
are developing.  It also gives us the opportunity to administer vaccines and castrate. 
They must be picked up within a week of weaning. Weaning dates are 90 days after kidding.
If you have deposits for several kids, we ask that you select kids close in age, within two weeks of
each other, so that they are on the same timeline. 

An email will go out on the kidding date to the full reservation list, and the first to commit to pickup receives the kid. If someone has made several deposits, they have the option of choosing the next kids
in succession without notice to the reservation list to complete their selection.  

If after one week, a kid is not claimed by reservation, he is offered for public consideration.

If we find that the kid you have reserved is not suitable as a pack prospect,  by temperament or development, you will be offered the choice of a replacement or refund.

Our kidding season is from February-April.  Weaning is from May-July. 
Please keep those dates in mind and check your calendar when making your selection.
Changing a scheduled pickup date results in a $50 charge. 
If the changed date is not kept, your deposit and selection are forfeited.

"OMG - Met the kids you sent to the NAPGA Rendezvous. I went over them bow to stern and looked at everything.
Can't say enough good about them! I will be staying in touch and look forward to adding one of your kids to my string
in the future. We just loved them!"

"Kopf Canyon  helped me select the correct kid for my purposes: bush clearing and eventual pack goat.
Even before getting our little Zorro, they helped me with a buckling I had obtained from another breeder.
As a new goat owner I had/have many questions and their replies were timely and spot-on.
Zorro has a very loving and affectionate personality. He enjoys the company of people as well as other goats and dogs.
We are looking forward to welcoming another Kopf Canyon buckling into our herd next year!
Getting a goat from Kopf Canyon is like the Nordstrom shopping experience -
strong hands-on customer service with plenty of follow-up!"

purebred Kiko pack prospect
at 5 days old
now residing in

What is MOVI (M.Ovipneumoniae) and why are pack goat people talking about it?

Here is a link to an article giving an overview of the concern and current science:

Pack Goat Resources:

Click on the photos to visit the links - and be sure to tell them that Kopf Canyon sent you! 

We are members and serve on the board of the North American Packgoat Association, which is an organization established specifically for promoting packing with goats.
The organization seeks to further the pursuit of goat packing by sharing the knowledge, ideas, and experiences of its members, by promoting the use of packgoats to the public as a means of low impact wilderness transportation and recreation.
Thier mission is to promote the common sense use and enjoyment of packgoats to improve, mentor, and encourage competency in the practice
of goat packing among interested persons; to provide communication among and to disseminate information to interested users; to promote scientific study of the caprine species, their care, welfare and training; to urge recognition of goat packing as a low impact pack stock alternative; and, to establish traditions which will aid, perpetuate, and further the welfare of
goat packing and the goats it employs.  Also find them on Facebook!

Membership in NAPGA
is a prerequisite to purchasing a prospect
from us.

Northwest Pack Goats and Supplies is a neighbor to us is Weippe, Idaho. They manufacture and sell pack goat equipment and supplies world wide, and  have been in business since 1995! Everything you need for a truly unique camping experience. Their site has great information about pack goats as well.

Looking for hiking buddies that will help carry your gear? Well, you've found them.  With Goat Pro Idaho our eager ungulates are ready to enrich your backcountry experience! Experience environmentally friendly packing that eases the load on your back, hips, and knees!   If you are under 10 or over 40,
anyone could use a lighter load. You do not need to be an experienced goat packer.

High Uinta Pack Goats has been providing the public with pack goat rental services and training programs since 1994.
Lots of information about goat packing on their page! Check out their resources. Talk to Clay about his experiences with Kiko goats on the trail!

An excellent resource with training videos and podcasts.
Site is being developed - more good things to come!