Registered purebred and percentage Kiko Goats raised for hardiness, meat and pack goat prospects
Kopf Canyon Ranch

About Us...

We are herdsmen above all. We believe that care of our animals and land is a stewardship, a trust.
Dale grew up farming, caring for the land; Karen grew up ranching, caring for animals.  We enjoy goating together, and both bring valuable skill sets to our endeavor. We are not in the business to sell goats.
We are in the business to help others become herdsmen. We do sell goats, it keeps us in business. 

We believe our primary responsibility is to care for what has been entrusted to us - our family, our animals, our land - and our buyers. We take great care to produce quality animals for breeding stock, pack goat prospects, and nourishment. We are breeders, not producers. You can learn more about that distinction in our herd management pages . We offer a lifetime of mentorship with the sale of an animal. We are here to answer your questions. We love to get pictures and updates.

We believe in equipping  and educating  herdsmen. To that end, we founded Palouse Goat Guild, and through the guild, host Goat Academy, an annual conference  in Moscow, Idaho the third Saturday in May.  Goat Academy is an all day conference on all things goat, with instruction, hands on classes, demonstrations and lab classes . We would love to have you join us there!

Karen is also a writer for the national magazine, Goat Journal. She is on the Board of Directors of North American Pack Goat Association,   and an alternate on the Board of Directors of the American Kiko Goat Association . She is the administrator for the ranch Facebook page, Kopf Canyon Ranch as well as Facebook pages Larry the Wonder Goat Goats in Cold Climates , Palouse Goat Guild and Goat Academy