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​​​Guardian Llamas

We LLOVE our llamas!

Used on our ranch exclusively as guardians, they work differently from and beautifully with our Great Pyrenees dogs.

Llamas are a herd animal, and speak llama, which means they will not bond to goats as their herd and do better in pairs. They are territorial and guard their territories - and everything in them. 

They can and will "herd" animals away from a threat.

Llinks for Llearning:

Here are some excellent resources if you are considering a llama guardian. We do take exception to the use of a single llama as a guardian, especially where coyotes or wolves abound. We always keep at least two llamas, both for companionship, and mutual support when confronted with a pack of predators.

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​Lost Creek Llamas - Llamas as Guardians

​Guard Llama Guidelines
(International Llama Association)

​Guard Llamas (Iowa State University)