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Livestock Guardian Dogs or "LGDs"

While there are many breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs, there is only one for us - Great Pyrenees.
We are not breeders, preferring to offer a working farm home and restorative love to those that have been "mis-placed" or displaced.  If you know of a pyr needing placement, we would be happy to help!

Pyrs are very playful and social. They can and do bond with livestock - here is Willie playing  with our buck Cobalt.  As much as they both enjoy each other, Cobalt does not play the way dogs play, and eventually tires of the game - long before Willie does.

Which is why Willie has Mo!
LGDs  do better in pairs. They are happier and less likely to menace livestock. They "practice" the skills they would need in confrontation - something they can't do with livestock.
Puppies and young guardians learn everything they need to know from experienced dogs rather than handlers, which differs from training  other breeds. Early separation from their mother and herd of origin and too much intervention from humans during the formative puppyhood months is a very common theme in the dogs we work with.
Willie and Mo are instrumental in rehab of the Pyrs we foster,  we cannot do for them what a mentor dog will do.

The ultimate test of a Pyr - can they be trusted with the most vulnerable members of the herd?​​
Willie assists Xena who kidded twins as a yearling.