Registered purebred and percentage Kiko Goats raised for hardiness, meat and pack goat prospects
Kopf Canyon Ranch

How we select...

What do we select for in our
Registered Kiko Breeding Stock?

As members of the AKGA and NKR Kiko goat breed associations, we have agreed to uphold the association standards.

We have personal standards that exceed the breed standards as well.

Any goat that fails to meet the standards is not registered under our herd prefix >KCR<
and culled.

We register with the AKGA, which means all of our registered animals are also eligible for NKR registration.

In our program culled does not mean sold...
it means used for meat.  After all, they are meat goats.

Click here for AKGA Selection Parameters

In addition to these standards, we select for:

Temperament. Our goats must be good-natured, calm and approachable.

Easy kidding and mothering ability.

Sociability. Our goats must live well in community with other goats - does AND bucks.

Vigor. It is the nature of goats to be playful and curious.

Manageability. We use a combination of Livestock Guardian Dogs and llamas for predator  control. The goats must be
responsive to the guardians.

Feed conversion. We offer grass hay and browse, and occasionally indulge them with weeds. We feed  supplements only to increase  fat soluable vitamin uptake in the winter. They have  loose mineral, a flax tub (in winter)  and baking soda available to self-regulate their supplement needs.

Low maintenance.
We provide opportunities for them to trim their own feet.

Respect fences.  We use a combination of welded wire, tensile wire and electric net fences.

Weather tolerant. We offer three sided shelters for a four season climate.
Our weather extremes range from 20 below zero (without factoring wind chill) to above 100 degrees...sun, rain, snow, hail and wind.